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Guidelines which are to be used for anyone attending La Siesta Church

Church of England Chaplaincy of SS Peter and Paul, Torrevieja

In conjunction with the Diocesan guidelines and the local laws, the following  instructions have been agreed by the Chaplaincy Council as the most workable in order to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for those wishing to attend a church service. You are required to comply with these instructions to ensure the safety and protection of everyone. 


  1. Only the main entrance will be used (disabled access) and the door will be secured in an open position from before the time when people gather for the service until after the last worshipper has left. The windows will be open for ventilation and fans will be operating to cool the Church.
  2. You will be required to give your name and contact details on arrival as a register has to be kept of attendees. This will be done outside before you enter the church. This measure is only needed to facilitate any contact tracing.
  3. Hand sanitizing facilities will be provided at the church entrance for your use prior to, and after, the service.
  4. The Churchwardens who will have used the hand sanitizer beforehand will be at the entrance and will direct you to a seat as each area will be specifically marked out in compliance with distance seating regulations. Only family members may sit together
  5. The use of face masks is compulsory to reduce transfer of respiratory droplets into the environment. You are requested to provide your own mask (a few spare ones will be kept at church) Entrance to the church will not be permitted without a mask.
  6. It is your choice if you wear plastic gloves or not. It is our intention that the need to touch anything will be reduced to the bare minimum.
  7. Door handles and hand railings will be disinfected on a regular basis.
  8. There must be no physical contact with another person i.e handshakes, kissing, hugging. You must ensure physical distancing is observed at all times.
  9. Members of the congregation are advised to carry tissues and use them to catch coughs and sneezes. All tissues must be taken home for disposal.
  10. Congregational singing will not take place as it appears to increase significantly the transmission of potentially infected droplets.
  11. As it is not permitted to use any service books, a shortened version of the Order of Service will be emailed to worshippers each week. You are requested to print this off at home and bring it with you and keep it for your own use.
  12. Father Richard will be the celebrant of the Eucharist and will proclaim the Liturgy of the Word.
  13. There will be no sharing of The Peace
  14. Holy Communion will be distributed in one kind with the Host only. Both elements will be consecrated, but the Precious Blood will not be distributed and will be partaken of by the Priest alone. It is a clear principle of Anglican theology that the sacrament of the Eucharist is present and complete in either of the consecrated elements.
  15. For the time being, it is preferable that only the presiding minister handles the vessels and administers Holy Communion so no one will be required to act as altar server. Given that it will be in one kind for now, and in most places for not more than 50 persons, it is much easier to control hygiene if this is one person’s responsibility.
  16. Father Richard, presiding at the Eucharist, will cleanse his hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, just prior to commencing the liturgy of the Eucharist and will do so again just before the distribution of the Host. Extra measures in terms of hygiene, just prior to the administration of communion to the people will be adhered to, by using alcohol-based sanitiser. At all times, the priest in administering the sacrament must avoid contact with the hands of the communicants.
  17. The priest will say ‘The Body of Christ’ to which everyone will reply Amen collectively before approaching the altar. The Churchwardens will direct you to the altar at the appropriate time. Standing in front of the Priest, place your hands in front of you to receive the Host, using the lower hand remove your mask at the side, consume the Host, and then replace your mask. Only when you have replaced your mask should you go to your place.
  18. At this point return to your seat.
  19. The collection baskets will not be passed among the congregation. All collections are to be placed in a basket at the exit. Please do not leave coins as this adds to the complexity of hygiene.
  20. The Churchwardens will be responsible for the counting and banking of the collection. They will wear plastic gloves and sanitize their hands afterwards. Better still, we would encourage you to consider changing to on-line giving or direct debit.
  21. The Churchwardens will be responsible for maintaining the ordered entry, seating, movement for communion, and exit. Please wait until a Churchwarden instructs you to leave the Church. If the church is filled to permitted capacity, no further entry is possible.
  22. Father Richard, wearing a face mask, will stand at the exit after the Eucharist to greet you keeping a two metre distance, but will not shake hands.
  23. There will not be any refreshments provided after the service and you should avoid gathering outside the exit. It will be at your own risk if you go to a local bar for coffee afterwards. We are only responsible for maintaining safety within the church building itself.
  24. An appointed team will be responsible for the cleaning of the church after the service in compliance with the Government and Diocesan guidelines
  25. Father Richard is taking responsibility for the cleaning of the altar area, the vessels and the altar linen.
  26. The toilet will be available. Paper towels and hand sanitizer will be provided.

Please bear in mind your own self-care, your level of vulnerability and your age according to the risks involved.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms pleas stay at home.

If you are intending to participate in the Eucharist each week you are invited to contact Sue Maude on so we have an idea of the numbers coming. Please do this by 1800 on Saturday evening for a Sunday Mass, 1800 on a Friday for a Saturday Mass. You will need to do this each week please or liaise with Sue about this.

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