Post Covid 19 Information

The Chalice containing the Precious Blood of Christ is once again offered for those who wish to receive it.

Holy Communion is offered with the words "The Body of Christ" to which you say Amen before consuming the Sacred Host.

The words "The Blood of Christ" are said to which you say Amen before receiving from the Chalice. The Chalice is optional.




1. Lago Jardín Church will reopen for services on January 14th 2024. There will be some special services in December, please see full details in the Calendar section.

2.There is a building project to renovate the church at Los Balcones, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. There is no indication when this will be completed.

3. La Siesta - weekly services of the Holy Eucharist. All are welcome to attend.


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