We are a Covid 19 Secure Chaplaincy

You no longer have to wear a mask in church (though if you chose to that is perfectly acceptable to protect yourself and protect others).

Hand sanitizer will still be available as you enter the church. You are encouraged still to use this to protect yourself and others.

Holy Communion will still be administered in one kind for the time being.

You will be able to line up for Holy Communion instead of coming up individually.

Holy Communion is offered with the words “The Body of Christ” to which you say Amen

before consuming the Sacred Host.

Holy Communion (in one kind still for the time being) will continue to be offered in front of

the altar as we have been doing since the Pandemic.

Regarding the sharing of the Sign of Peace, we will remain with the status quo for the time being.


Please bear in mind your own self-care, your level of vulnerability and your age according to the risks involved.  If you have COVID-19 symptoms please stay at home.


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