You would be very welcome to join us at any of our services at any of our churches…..

What happens at the Sunday service?

  • Worship and teaching 
  • At celebrations of the Holy Eucharist/Holy Communion/Mass you may receive Holy Communion (see below*)
  • Most services last about 60 minutes
  • Refreshments after the service are available in most of our churches or sometimes at nearby cafes

What do I do?

  • All the words are in a service booklet and hymn book
  • You can sit anywhere
  • There’s no dress code
  • There is a collection during the service so you can give money if you wish to
  • We don’t worry about noisy babies or young children! 

How do I get there?

  • Look at the section “where we are” on this website and you will find full details of your local Church, this includes a location map.


  • There is room for buggies inside all of our churches and always plenty of people on hand to assist should you need it
  • There is a toilet in each of our Churches (except Lago Jardin)
  • Space for wheelchairs is available in most of our Churches but, if you wish to check, just telephone the Warden for the Church you wish to attend; contact details are available on this website under the heading “Chaplaincy Team” or under “Our Churches

*If you are baptised and confirmed in the Church of England or are eligible to receive Holy Communion in another denomination,  you are welcome to receive Holy Communion in our churches. If you are interested in being confirmed in the Church of England, please contact Father Richard